All about Acrylic bathtub Vacuum forming machine

Vacuum-forming machines are now favored over other techniques for forming bathtubs because of their consistency, efficiency, and accuracy. They can swiftly and effectively heat and shape materials, which is crucial for producing a product like a bathtub. They can also make the process less labor-intensive and readily produce a significant volume of products of similar quality. Vacuum machines can also create intricate forms and patterns that are hard to create manually. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about an acrylic bathtub vacuum-forming machine.

What is Bathtub Forming Machine?

A bathtub forming machine, also known as an acrylic bathtub vacuum forming machine, is a specific machinery used to make acrylic bathtubs by vacuum-shaping heated sheets. Vacuum forming is the technique of heating a sheet until it is malleable, laying it over a mold, and then sucking the material firmly against the mold with the help of a vacuum to shape it into the shape of the mold. Due to its lightweight nature, durability, and ease of shaping into many designs, acrylic is a common material for bathtubs.

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Working Principle

A vacuum-forming process is the basis of the bathtub-forming machine’s functions. The machine uses heat to make a plastic sheet malleable, which is then placed over a mold and suctioned securely against the mold. The plastic hardens as it cools, molding itself to the form of the mold. The formed bathtub is then taken out of the mold and prepared for quality control and finishing.

Benefits of Vacuum Forming

When making bathtubs, vacuum-forming machines have a number of benefits.


Compared to other manufacturing techniques like injection molding, vacuum forming is a comparatively cheap procedure. It is therefore perfect for manufacturing lots of bathtubs.


A broad range of products, from simple trays and containers to intricate shapes and patterns, can be produced using vacuum forming. It is perfect for making bathtubs with distinctive patterns and shapes.


Vacuum-forming machines can efficiently heat and shape large sheets of plastic, which is vital for producing a product like a bathtub. They can also make the process less labor-intensive.


Products like bathtubs must be in a specific size and shape and vacuum-forming machines produce bathtubs of high quality.

In a nutshell, bathtub-forming machines are a significant machinery component in the manufacturing industry. They are used to produce acrylic bathtubs by vacuum-forming hot plastic sheets into the desired shape. Vacuum forming is a flexible, economical, effective, and consistently high-quality manufacturing technology that is ideal for producing bathtubs.

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Vacuum Forming’s Benefits

A vacuum forming machinery , a single or double heating component, a frame for retaining the plastic, a movable work piece for holding the equipment and pattern needed to create the shape of the item you want to create all go into a vacuum forming machine. While some machines require manual operation, others are semi- or fully automatic.

A manufacturing technique for molding plastic items is vacuum forming. Vacuum forming is utilized in a broad variety of manufacturing processes, from the production of small custom parts on desktop computers to the production of massive parts on automated industrial machines.

Vacuum Forming Benefits

Vacuum forming is a popular choice among industrialists, developers, and other professionals. Vacuum forming has several advantages, such as:


Vacuum forming is usually less expensive to produce than other manufacturing processes, especially for small product lines. Vacuum forming is more affordable in large part because tooling and prototyping are less expensive. Manufacturing for vacuum forming can be two to three times less expensive than manufacturing for injection molding, based on the surface size of the components being created and the sizes of the fasten frame.

Transition Period

Because tooling can be produced more quickly, vacuum forming has a short reaction time than other methods of production. The time needed to make vacuum forming tools is typically half that required to create injection molding tools.


Designers and manufacturers can experiment with new ideas and create prototypes with vacuum forming without incurring significant costs or delays. Compared to other production procedures, molds can be replaced out or altered more effectively.

Additionally, vacuum forming enables designers to provide buyers with a wider range of color options and customization. This provides many companies the option to provide customers with one-of-a-kind patterns and create personalized products at a reasonable price.

Making materials fit for human consumption

Vacuum forming is frequently used by producers to create food-grade containers and components for the medical sector because it works well with polymers that can be sanitized or maintained free of impurities. To produce parts that can endure sterilization procedures and adhere to strict medical and/or pharmaceutical criteria, vacuum forming employs medical-grade polymers.

Best suppliers of Vacuum forming machine

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Explaining Vacuum Forming In 5 Minutes!

The plastic products that we use in our daily life are prepared through a vacuum forming process. It is a process in which a vacuum forming machine is used to shape the plastic material. The bottles, cans, buckets, and other complex plastic material is prepared through this process. It is a very famous technique across the world, but getting it right requires particular expertise that very few factories have. At Roma Machinery, we have specialized in vacuum forming and other related machines for many years.

In this article, we will discuss the significant steps that are involved in the procedure of vacuum forming. Read on to know what these are:

Preparation of the mold:

The first step is the formation of the mold. A mold is constructed in the shape that the plastic will form around. This mold can be in a variety of different materials, including wood, MDF, or polystyrene. Often where possible, the mold should have angled edges. This will allow the product to pop out of the plastic when the vacuum forming is finished.

Placing the vacuum in vacuum former:

Once made, the mold is placed into the vacuum former. A plastic sheet should then be clamped above, but not on, the mold.

Place the heater above the plastic:

The heater in the vacuum former should then be positioned above the plastic. This will eventually heat up, warming the plastic and ensuring that it is perfectly flexible and mouldable.

Move the shelf toward plastic:

After a few minutes, the plastic should be at the correct temperature to allow molding. Once this is the case, the shelf on which the mold is positioned should be moved upwards and into the plastic. You can use a handle to do this.

Switch the vacuum former on:

The vacuum former will then be switched on, which removes all air from the machine. This will allow the plastic to form the shape of the mold.

Remove the sheet from the vacuum former:

Once it has cooled, remove the plastic sheet from the vacuum former. Remove the mold from the machine and then trim any excess or unwanted plastic from the formed sheet.

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Our Signature Product: Ceiling Lamp Blowing Forming Machine

As the name suggests, the semi-auto LED ceiling lamp blowing forming machine is a partially automatic machine used to design ceiling lamps. This machine is based on infrared radiation heating and positive pressure blow molding equipment.

The machine is professionally designed and carefully crafted at our company. Our company (Romas Machinery) deals with a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. Among various sorts of machines, the above machine is our signature product. Continue reading to know more about it:

It is a simple chimney or light box production equipment. This product uses Taiwan “Airtac” original pneumatic components, and the electric appliances also adopt Taiwan “CKC” or “Japanese” OMRON / or PLC + touch screen, etc. The heating system in the machine adopts porcelain infrared heating brick as well as division temperature control.

The machine is divided into the following parts:

  1. Heating units
  2. Molding machine.

The oven’s heating power is about 54Kw and is equipped with a three-phase, four-wire type, which helps in keeping the fuselage grounded. The suggested input cable is not less than 16mm2, or the carrying capacity is more significant than 80A.

The oven needs to be put on smooth and solid ground; the installation environment requires ventilated, dry, and far from flammable objects. Avoid installing in more dust, moisture, and vibration environments.

This advanced semi-automatic machine adopts an automatic turn disc heating mode of sheet heat, which can aid in making sheets of each place can be heated evenly.

Using zoning temperature control and closed heating (set inside and outside temperature area), make the hot furnace temperature, and display the temperature of

Depending on the customer’s requirement (we support OEM & ODM), the machine can be equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.

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What Are Essential Steps In Formation Of Mold?

Vacuum forming, sometimes known as vacuum molding, is a direct molding procedure that uses vacuum pressure to force a sheet of heated and stretched plastic onto a single-surface mold. In our industry, the formation of mold is done in the following five steps. Read on to know more about them.

  • Confirmation
  • Drawings
  • Continuation
  • Testing
  • Final results

1. Confirmation:

Receive the sample or drawing from the client, or the client gives us the requirement.

2. Drawings:

Our engineer dept. Can draw the 3D or 2D drawing, we can offer UG,Pro/E,solidworks, CAD and CAX…etc. drawing for clients to check.

3. Continuation:

Last but not the least, after the client checks the drawing, we start to process the molds.

4. Testing:

The fourth step includes the testing of the mold. Test the molds, and send the sample to our client to check it. If our clients are from overseas, we can also facilitate them by delivery of the sample. Or if they reside in China, we can invite them to our factory to check. Because of the machine manufactory, we have the thermoforming machine to test the molds anytime.

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The bottom line:

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Your Guide To Bathtub Forming Machine!

The advanced machine used in manufacturing bathtubs is known as the bathtub vacuum forming machine. As we all know, vacuum forming is a manufacturing process used to shape various types of plastic material. The plastic sheet is heated and then pulled around a single mold using suction. Similarly, the bathtub forming machine works in the same way. A bathtub forming machine is considered the most cost-effective and popular method of vacuum forming.

This article will discuss bathtub forming machines or simply vacuum forming machines. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

One of the first techniques for processing plastic is vacuum forming, often known as thermoforming. A plastic sheet is heated until it becomes pliable, then it is draped over a mould to complete the process. The sheet is drawn into the mould using a vacuum. After that, the sheet is released from the mould.

Modern vacuum forming technology employs advanced pneumatics, hydraulics, and heat management, enabling faster production rates and more accurate vacuum formed products. This method is employed in a wide variety of manufacturing applications, from producing small custom parts on a computer screen to producing massive parts on automated industrial equipment.

There are 2 basic types of moulds.

●Positive or male
●Negative or female

With male moulds, the sheet of plastic is placed over the mould to outline the inside dimension of the plastic part. With negative mould, the thermoplastic sheet is placed inside the mould to form the outer dimension of the part accurately.

Instead of being pushed into place around a single mould using suction, a heated sheet of plastic is forced (thus the name) between two moulds in pressure forming. For example, appliance casings that must be aesthetically pleasing on the outside and snap into place or fit a specific size on the interior, pressure forming is the best method for producing plastic parts or pieces that need to be more precisely shaped on both sides and/or require a deeper draw (they need to extend farther/deeper into a mould).
Applications of vacuum forming machine:

Vacuum forming machines are very helpful in the production of equipment that are used in our daily life.
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The principle of vacuum forming machine

Vacuum formers work by applying a vacuum to the material. The material is then forced through a vacuum nozzle and squeezed through the chamber. The plastic is then dried at a higher submelting temperature. When dry, the plastic may absorb moisture and expand to form air bubbles. This weakens the plastic, so monitoring the drying temperature is important. Also, overheating the plastic can cause a mesh to form around the mold. To avoid webbing, the mold should be kept small. Another problem is that the molded object tends to stick to the mold. To avoid this, it is important to form objects at a draft angle.

Problems with vacuum forming machines

The first step in troubleshooting a vacuum former is to list potential problems. If you find that the output is inconsistent or too detailed, your vacuum former may not be doing the job properly. Fortunately, most common mistakes can be easily corrected.

Vacuum formers use uniform pressure in the mold or plug, which allows the material to conform to the mold or plug. This process can be very precise, even for complex shapes. Therefore, mold makers usually use this machine to make plastic parts. While vacuum forming is easy to use, it is important to understand the problems that can arise.

Vacuum forming is suitable for thin plastic parts that require less material. It’s also a good choice for short-term manufacturing. But before you buy a vacuum former, you should carefully consider your production budget, time-to-market, and quality control testing. It’s also a good idea to discuss all options with the manufacturer.

There are some problems with vacuum forming when you try to use a plastic sheet that is too thick. The vacuum forming machine must have strong grips on the plastic sheet. Grips should hold the material properly and withstand vacuum pressure. The clamps should also be able to hold materials 6 to 10 mm thick. In addition, the vacuum forming machine should have guarded and interlocked moving parts.

vacuum forming machine cost

Cost is an important factor when choosing a vacuum forming machine. There are many models to choose from, varying in price, sophistication and functionality. Small desktops can cost hundreds of dollars, while industrial vacuum formers can cost tens of thousands. While benchtop models can be used for a variety of small parts, industrial machines are ideal for larger parts.

Vacuum forming machines are more affordable than plastic injection molding because of the lower cost of prototypes and tooling. For example, the mold cost for injection molding can be two to three times the cost of a vacuum molding machine. This makes vacuum forming a more cost-effective option for small to medium production runs.

Another advantage of vacuum formers is their flexibility. They are great for prototyping and testing new designs. The machines are capable of working with a variety of materials, including wood, structural foam, and 3D-printed plastic. Vacuum forming also allows for a higher degree of customization and a wider range of colors. These features make it possible to create custom products without high costs.

Materials suitable for vacuum forming

Vacuum forming is a method of making complex shapes and parts from plastic. The process uses vacuum and heat to press plastic material against a mold. Suitable materials include ABS, PETG and acrylic. Acrylic has good optical clarity and is often used in mechanical enclosures. It can also be transparent, which is why it is often used in aerospace applications.

There are many different types of vacuum forming machines. Generally, larger ones are used to make larger parts and are ideal for industrial applications. Smaller desktop machines are great for hobbyists and home professionals.

When selecting materials for vacuum forming, it is important to keep in mind that some materials may not be suitable for use in certain applications. First, the material should be able to withstand high temperatures for a minute. Then, the material should also be able to


LED Ceiling Lampshade Blow Molding Machine

If you want to manufacture high-quality lamp shades, an LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is an important piece of equipment. These machines perform integrated processing that includes blow molding, baking, and heating. Because of this, they can save a lot of material compared to their conventional counterparts. What’s more, they can be operated by a single person without any special training.


The LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is an innovative machine that can easily produce quality lamp shades. It uses special infrared technology to heat the preform to a precise temperature, thus fixing it to the shape of the ceiling lamp mask. This machine is easy to operate, requiring no special training and offers uniform products with minimum waste.

The LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is suitable for the production of LED ceiling lampshades, plastic bottles and various other items. Moreover, it is affordable as the prices depend on the quantity of the orders placed.


LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is a machine that uses positive pressure to mold preforms into desired shape. The machine has infrared heating elements and can be operated by a single person with little training. The blow molding process produces uniform and thin products, thereby reducing material waste. Its design makes it easy to operate, and it is capable of producing different kinds of preforms, including those with various shapes and sizes.

Infrared heating lamps are used for heating preforms, which help in controlling the temperature of the preform. The blow molding machine also has adjustable directions, making it suitable for different preforms. Moreover, LED lamp shade blow molding machine can be operated by a single person with no special training, and can save 50% of material. It also guarantees hygienic requirements.


An LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is a tool used for producing high quality LED lamp masks. It consists of a blowing chamber, an air storage unit and heating equipment to create a uniform product. With the help of this equipment, the process is fast and easy. In addition, it reduces material waste. The machine is also easy to use and requires less training.

An LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is similar to a plastic bottle blow molding machine, which is used to produce various types of plastic bottles. It includes a heating unit and an air storage system, which evenly distributes the blowing gas. It can mold several different types of preforms.


An LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is a powerful blow molding machine used for making high-quality ceiling lamp masks. It includes a blowing chamber, air storage unit, and heating equipment. This integrated process reduces production time and costs while ensuring hygienic standards. It is easy to use and requires less training.

The machine can be used to create various types of lampshades. The material used for making them is made of PC material, which has good light-diffusing properties. The material can be coated with light-diffusing agents to improve its light-diffusing properties. Then, it can be applied to the light field to achieve the desired effect.


A LED ceiling lampshade blow molding machine is a powerful tool that can manufacture a wide range of LED lamp shades. It uses a positive air pressure to blow the preforms into a precise shape. The blow molding equipment can be operated with one person with minimum training. The machine makes the preforms uniform and thin and can significantly reduce material waste. It also guarantees hygienic standards.

When it comes to choosing a blow molding machine for LED ceiling lampshades, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to consider the material you are molding. Depending on the type of LED lamp shade you want to make, you’ll likely want to use PC or plastic material. These materials have high light transmittance and uniform wall thickness.


Blow Molding Machine Advantages

There are many benefits to owning a blow molding machine. The benefits include controlling the production cost and quantity, as well as the liberty to choose the specific specifications of the bottles. These machines are also energy efficient. In addition, they are highly sensitive, giving the manufacturer more control over the bottle dimensions and specifications.

High sensitivity

There are several advantages of using a high-sensitivity blow molding machine. These machines offer high-quality output and parison control. These machines are designed to create a variety of products. You can choose between single and dual-head models, with optional triple or quadruple-head models. The machines also offer easy-to-use controls.

The most common use of this type of machine is to make containers, such as plastic bottles. They can come in a variety of sizes, from single serve bottles to large containers with up to 30 liters. These machines are sized for the volume requirements of specific containers. High-volume machines can produce millions of bottles per day.

High productivity is another advantage of this type of machine. Some systems can produce more than 50,000 bottles per hour. Some of these machines are also electric, which can reduce the energy bill. Other benefits include improved precision and cleanliness.

Fast speed switch

If you’re looking to increase the speed of your blow molding machine, you can do so by turning on the Fast speed switch. This feature lets you adjust the speed of the extruder to a high or low level without stopping the process. It’s useful if you want to make small batches or mold several types of parts at one time.

You can also choose between a single or double-head configuration, and it offers the ability to create a wide range of shapes. The single-head version has a wheel diameter that’s smaller than the dual-head version. Both models have mechanical control, shape detection, and quality monitoring systems.

Stable operation

Before starting formal operation of a blow molding machine, it is important to make sure that the machine is properly adjusted to ensure stable operation. To do so, the operating parameters of the machine must be adjusted to maintain a stable air temperature. The temperature of the machine’s main heater and the heating sections should be adjusted step-by-step to ensure that they are working well and have the same temperature. After each heating section is adjusted to the optimum temperature, the machine must be tested by using scrap material to ensure that it works properly. In addition to this, the rotating potentiometer should not be spun to the maximum speed at once, but should be increased gradually. The maximum instantaneous current should not exceed 220A.

After the operation, it is essential to close the machine. It is also important to check the safety shield products installed in all parts of the machine. Besides, the heating zone should have a safety door and an emergency stop button.

Energy saving

Using an energy saving blow molding machine can help you meet your goals of producing more environmentally friendly plastic bottles. These machines can make the change from a 4-pint to a 2-pint bottle within eight hours and use less energy to achieve the results. By using an electro-mechanical drive, these machines can use fewer energy resources and improve speed holding. They can also free up electrical capacity to power another machine, like an injection molding machine.

These machines can produce a range of products that are environmentally friendly. The complete machine is equipped with a servo motor for each of its motions, which helps stabilize the movement speed. Unique mechanisms such as an auto-adjustment mouth cutting mechanism and parting line misalignment prevention mechanism help to ensure the quality of the molded products. They also offer reduced cycle time and can reduce the number of mold changes required.

Design freedom

One of the most important advantages of blow molding is the amount of design freedom it allows. The process enables you to create components with a custom design, even if the part has a complex shape. In addition, blow molding allows you to join components together into an assembly. There are two main types of blow molding machines, each of which has its own specific features and benefits. The main differences between them are in the process sequence, thermal management, and design freedom.


Principle of bathtub forming machine

A bathtub forming machine is a vacuum forming machine that can produce parts in a variety of colors. This machine can be used for various applications. It uses centrifugal force, a physical law known as the law of buoyancy and hot and cold films. Its main advantages include speed and versatility.

vacuum forming

Vacuum bathtub forming machines use a vacuum to form plastic sheets into bathtub parts. This machine is suitable for plastic sheets ranging in thickness from millimeters to two centimeters. This process allows high production rates at low cost. Its main components include a master model, a polymer sheet and special fixtures. A display is provided to monitor the heating of the sheet. The plastic sheet is then formed into a molding in the machine, which is then inflated.

Vacuum formers can use a variety of thermoplastic materials. The most commonly used thermoplastic is high impact polystyrene sheet. This material is versatile and can be easily formed into any desired shape. It also retains heat, making it a good material for packaging products like ice cream. It is also widely used in aerospace applications.

Vacuum formers are a popular and effective method of making tubular products. They can be used to manufacture PVC pipes, binder clips and other tubular components. Due to their high capacity, they can produce large quantities of products quickly. They are also low cost and require very little capital.

centrifugal force

During the tub molding process, the rollers are reversibly deformed. This deformation tends to flatten the surface of the barrel. The amount of deformation varies according to the axial section of the drum and barrel. Measure the distance between the drum and the barrel at three different points.

The magnitude of this force is equal to gravity. However, it is not balanced. It needs to be included so that the sum of the forces equals zero. This is a complex calculation that requires a good knowledge of physics. It is important to note that centrifugal force is part of the molding process.

Bathtub machines can machine very large parts. The largest machine has a capacity of 425 cubic feet. The machine is powered by a 60-horsepower motor. In addition to tub molding, a tub machine is used for jig machining. These fixtures connect the components to each other and to the tub frame. This avoids part damage and allows handling of large parts. In addition, bathtub machines have a high grinding or polishing action.

The laws of physics of buoyancy

The laws of physics of buoyancy describe the weight and height of a floating object. It is equal to the weight and displacement of the fluid. The more buoyant the fluid is, the less force is required to lift it out of the water. To illustrate the concept, imagine a piece of marble falling into a partially full bathtub. As the marble sinks to the bottom, the downward force on the tub increases, creating buoyancy.

Archimedes was the first to discover the physical law of buoyancy. He’s solving a problem for the ancient Syracuse king Hieron II. The king suspects that the new crown he got may contain non-gold materials and needs help testing the theory without damaging it.

Observations have shown that steel spikes sink into the water, while steel boats float in the sea. This principle is called Archimedes’ principle. It states that the weight of an object is equal to its buoyancy.

Use hot and cold film

The use of hot and cold film in a bathtub forming machine is one of the modern manufacturing processes. These processes have been used in woodworking for many years, but they are finding new applications in composite materials. Romasmachine is a leading manufacturer of vacuum thermoforming machines, offering precision vacuum presses with monitoring systems and automated production processes. Its product range includes molding solutions for aluminum, epoxy, polyurethane and various other materials. Romasmachine is constantly striving to improve the hot and cold vacuum press process to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Bathtub forming machines can produce a variety of pipe products including binder clips, PVC pipes and pipe components. This machine is very affordable and can produce large quantities of products in a short period of time. It can produce parts in different colors and can be used in a wide range of applications.