SPA turn over machine


Turn over machine description :

Range of application

Widely used in bathtub, SPA, hot tub, swim spa. etc

Equipment function

Easy operation work efficient for factory making SPA, hot tub, swim spa flipper machine hot tub flipper

Turn over speed

Time required to Turn over 180 degrees: 18 seconds

Technical parameters

Size of equipment: 3400mm*3330mm
Cutting power of grinding head motor: About 3KW three-phase four wire / voltage 380V
Equipment weight: about 2200KG
The product min. width 1250mm
The product max. width 2550mm
With brake reducer 1.5KW to ensure accurate position
Electrical control famous brand components
The rollers diameter 60x600mm (rubber coated roller)
60x600x3(Galvanized non-powered)
System: Electric control system 1 SETS
Turn over 180 degrees: 18S.
Load bearing: 400kg
Lead time: 20days


There are two types of rollers:

  1. Diameter: 60x600mm rubber coated roller is used to contact the Bathtub body block to ensure that the product surface will not be scratched,

2.Below used Galvanized non-powered roller with diameter of 60x600x3mm

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