Fully automatic bathtub edge/ artificial stone edge sawing machine

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Sawing machine description :

Range of application

Widely used in bathtub edge, artificial stone edge, etc

Equipment function

It is used to cut the rough edges of the products, and the incisions are flat and the horizontal lines are consistent

Sawing production

Operated by 1 person, about 40pcs produced in 8 hours

Technical parameters

Rotating worktable Size of equipment: 2250mm*2250mm
Cutting power of grinding head motor: About 3KW three-phase four wire / voltage 380V
Equipment weight: about 1.8 ton
the sawing min. heigh 40mm
the sawing max. heigh 350mm(Customizable higher)
Frequency converter: control stepless speed regulation
Electric cutting: special movable protective shield
Electric control height: adjust the height up and down
Cutting height of rocker arm: about 680mm from the turntable surface
Clamping height: About 1000mm
Workpiece assembly: pneumatic compression
System: Electric control system 1 SETS
Rotation speed: 0.3-2 cycles/min, adjustable.
Electronic control component: Frequency converter is “Taida” from Taiwan
Pneumatic component: SNS
Lead time: 20days

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